Hiring the Hall/Sports Pavilion


To enquire about hiring the village hall or sports pavilion please contact Charlotte Hancock, phone 01661 886206. You can also email us at stamfordhamhall@gmail.com.

Once you have contacted us to arrange a provisional booking you will need to complete and return the booking request form which can be accessed below, in pdf format.  (NB: The pdf version can if necessary be filled in using the Adobe reader “fill and sign” tool.)

Stamfordham Village Booking Form

You will also need to agree to the standard conditions of hire.

Hirers should familiarise themselves with the fire procedures, which are also on display in the hall foyer/pavilion notice board.

Anyone planning an event involving any licensable activities (e.g. plays, films, live or recorded music, dance or the supply of alcohol) should furthermore familiarise themselves with the details of either the village hall or sports pavilion premises licence, a summary copy of which is also on display on the premises notice boards. Please note that we do not allow third parties to operate a bar at the sports pavilion, and any event involving the sale of alcohol must be arranged with the booking secretary in advance.

The hire charges for the village hall and sports pavilion is attached here.

The Village Hall and the Sports Pavilion insurance policies are available upon request and are displayed on the premises notice boards.

Rules for hirers with regard to the use of adhesives on internal walls are available in our conditions of hire.

A projector and screen has been installed at the Sports Pavilion and may be available for use by anyone hiring the Sports Pavilion subject to giving us at least one week’s notice. Instructions for use are available upon booking.