Thank you to everyone who has signed up to the covenant scheme. It has been very much appreciated by the trustees. As a result we have raised sufficient money to carry out some of the essential repairs to the Village Hall. However, the ongoing maintenance is extremely costly and we would welcome your continued support. It would be a disaster if the Village Hall had to close because it became a risk to those who use it.


*  The Hall is an old building costing, on average, £1,000 per month to run. (electricity, insurance, oil, essential maintenance etc).

*  Urgent and essential work to the roof is still required. The wooden window frames, particularly those in the West Room facing the Village Green, have started to rot and need replacing. The central heating boiler needs replacing with one that is more fuel efficient and less polluting.

*  The facilities need bringing up to date.  (new toilets, curtains/blinds, re-decoration, lighting repairs etc.)

There is not enough money in the kitty to do this essential work so your supports still needed.

Since November 2018 over £10,200 has been spent on essential repairs requiring immediate attention.

The Stamfordham Playing Field & Village Hall charity, which owns the hall, is run by a small committee of trustees who volunteer to give some of their spare time to do what is possible with limited resources and they are asking for your help.

By donating to Stamfordham Playing Fields & Village Hall (Charity No. 502613) through the Covenant Scheme you could help fund the essential works to the Village Hall and ensure it continues to be there for your generation and the next. If you haven’t done so already, please consider signing up and, if you are a taxpayer, please complete a Gift Aid declaration. This allows the charity to reclaim 25% tax on your donation making every £10 you donate worth £12.50.  

As a member of the Covenant Scheme you will be entitled to a 10% discount on any fees when hiring either the Village Hall or Pavilion. Please see our new website for details about hiring or contact Charlotte Hancock to enquire about making a booking on 07554 614162.


How can you help fund the work needed both now and in the future?

The Stamfordham Playing Field & Village Hall charity gets its normal income in 3 ways:

 Hiring the Hall or Pavilion + Fundraising Events + Covenant Scheme Donations

It would be great if you hired the hall or pavilion for any events like birthday parties, family gatherings, wedding receptions, business meetings, etc.

It would also be great if you could get along to SUPPORT any of the fundraising activities that take place from time to time – even better if you would like to organise one yourself !!!

But, easiest and best of all – you could set up a standing order for a monthly or annual amount – whatever you feel you can contribute – there is no fixed amount. In this way you become a Member of the Covenant Scheme which will entitle you to a discount of 10% on any fees for hiring the hall or pavilion. Equally, a one off donation from time to time is perfectly acceptable.

If you are an existing Member of the Stamfordham Playing Field & Village Hall Covenant Scheme please take a moment to review your standing order – every £1 will make a difference.

If you would like to set up a new Standing Order please click here for the Standing Order Form or email our committee secretary, Sue Noble (, who will be happy to reply to your email with a form and a Gift Aid Declaration, if required. If you prefer to telephone please call 01661 886223.

The Standing Order form gives you details of the bank account for the Stamfordham Playing Fields & Village Hall charity.
Once completed the Standing Order form should be either returned to Sue via email or delivered to the Treasurer, Edward Trevelyan, at Low Cross House, South Side.

If you would prefer to set up your Standing Order using Online Banking please use your surname as a reference when completing with your bank online.
You should still complete the form and write ‘Already Set Up Online’ across it and please return to Sue via email or hand deliver to the Treasurer, Edward Trevelyan, at Low Cross House, South Side.

Stamfordham Playing Field & Village Hall is a charity and, if you are a taxpayer, everything you donate will be worth 25% more if you complete a Gift Aid Declaration form. Forms for a single donation are available here or for multiple donations(e.g. monthly or annually) click here or from Sue as above. This form should be returned to either Sue or Edward, as above, in order that it can be recorded and sent to HMRC.

Thank you on behalf of the whole committee.